The Ark in Denholm, QC: "The Ark" is a multi-use venue located 40 minutes north of Ottawa in the heart of the Gatineau Hills (directions can be found on the "Contact Us" page). A private retreat, the Ark is used for: year-round weddings, outdoor education and leadership training, corporate team building, Mad Trapper winter snowshoe racing, and summer and fall trail running events.

The home to proprietors Mike and Monique, The Ark also formally houses 7 alpacas, 3 horses, 2 dogs and 2 cats, but wildlife here abounds and it's a rare occasion NOT to sight a deer here during your visit.

The 11km trail network was cut by Mike by hand and designed to keep the mind as engaged as the legs and lungs. The trails of the Ark are soft and flowing and The Ark itself is relaxed and "homey".

Once you're here, you won't want to leave.

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» Cross the finish and be handed a waiting mimosa.

» Sit down with friends, old and new, to relax and socialize.

» Enjoy a luncheon like you've never experienced "post race".

» All prizes are randomly awarded, and there are LOTS of them. So the odds are you'll go home with a sweet gift.

» Take part in the silent auction to ensure you don't go home empty handed!

» The majority of our proceeds go to helping individual(s) in need who could benefit from a cash infusion.

3k "Try a Trail": This is event is for the ladies that are new to trail running or prefer to spend more time socializing and less time sweating. This course has an equal mix of twisty, turny single-track and more straightforward double track. There are a few minor hills, but nothing you can't handle.

5k Stage 4 KMA Trail: This is our feature event. 5k of mostly technical single track trails. Left and right, up and down from start to finish. Although challenging, it's not daunting. It's trails like these that make running truly FUN. You are going to LOVE this course, but you're also going to welcome that finish line mimosa!

10k Second Round, Bring It On: Some women just prefer twice the challenge. If you fall into this category, then sign up for "Second Round" and you can crush the "5k Stage 4 KMA Trail" Twice!

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*** Okay admittedly, Power in Pink takes place on what may be the best single track trail running trails in Eastern Canada, but truthfully this day is much more about the overall event than it is about any single one running component.



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